Chrysalis Summer ’21

The growth that has occurred within my own life and the collective since March 2020 has been absolutely immense. It is a wonder to behold and partake in. This blog has slowly changed since it’s inception in December 2012 and has been and endless source of joy and strength for me along the way. Now it is called to become more than my public-facing journal of expression. It is called to become a hearth of expression, magic, learning, and safety. Now we make our cocoon and turn within so that we can morph faster than ever before. Please be patient with the construction as we restructure for our official re-launch later this summer!

To celebrate these exciting changes, here is the FIRST DROP at our new merch shop Sequitur Life Sigils! There will be at least 4 drops of the Yield Abundantly line over the next few weeks while we are working behind the scenes.

Art prints and Art Day Pride 2021 collection coming soon! Stay tuned for more updates.


Autism Acceptance April

Come check out Instagram for daily ideas for a fulfilled life as well as new autism acceptance dancing videos almost daily throughout April 2021. To celebrate my first April as an officially diagnosed autistic person, I started Sequitur Life’s Autism Acceptance April Dance Party (SLAAADP). The goal is to post 1-2 new videos most days this month until there are 31 videos to complete the SLAAADP 2021 series. Any musicians or djs that have original music that you are interested in seeing featured in SLAAADP, please send me a direct message to discuss.

Thirty one may seem like a random number, but there is a purposeful meaning behind it. There are 31 proverbs in the bible and as such, it is a lovely eternal daily devotional. Just as you can always check the day of the month and there is always a proverb to match, I wish there to be 31 unique episodes of the dance party to shine acceptance and love available throughout the year.

If you ever feel like there is nowhere on Earth for you, you are welcome to pull up a video and come dance with me. You are loved and welcome here. Praise the Lord this Easter for He is risen. Blessings through this and all future seasons.


Not Altogether Unbeautiful

Chronic illness feelings are wild and easily twisted things.

The feeling of betrayal is so immense and deep that you feel abandoned on more levels than you were even aware you had.

The feeling of guilt for everything you knew better of yet did regardless is a terrible, amalgamated ghost waiting to haunt you around every corner.

The feeling of gratitude for each moment of reprieve and contentment is a beautiful fluttering butterfly amongst cherry blossom petals on the wind.

Wild and twisted, but not altogether unbeautiful; don’t you see?


The Price of American Lives in March of 2020

Apparently valuing human life more than money is now a political view. Read that again: the sanctity of human life as driven by our biology and as literally directed by God is up for debate in 2020.

Our President has changed his mind about COVID-19 and not for the health and safety of American citizens. First, it was a terrible disease that required people to sacrifice and stay home, but now the country should be back open for business by Easter for the economy’s sake. This about-face occurred after reports that some of his business locations closed and his company was now facing financial hardship. Suddenly, our economy became more important than American lives, including our cherished elderly, healthcare workers, civil servants, and many others. The re-branding of this callous message is that the ‘inevitable’ collapse of the US and world economies will cause more death and suffering than following in China’s or Italy’s footsteps with COVID-19. I call bullshit.

As a nurse, I will go to work to provide care for others and consider it not only an honor, but a calling. I am also acutely aware of reports of American medical professionals, young and old, who have died or are in critical condition after caring for COVID-19 positive patients. Nurses are trained to understand disease pathology and epidemiology, giving us the discernment to understand that COVID-19 is most definitely not the flu and is a true emergency of drastic proportions. This medical training is helpful to make an educated judgement, but anyone with internet access can see the media coming out of other countries affected by this virus. This virus turns hospitals into apparent war zones rather than places of healing, which will worsen and intensify if the President pushes through policy based on egocentric desires for economic self-preservation.

Never more than today have I missed President Obama and the security I felt having a rational, progressive leader in the White House. Never more than today have I been concerned for the moral compass of our great country. Never more than today have I looked upon my daughter’s face and hoped that this current trial will not be the one that separates us.

For those who doubt that God commanded us to value human life, open the Good Book and see for yourself, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35


Struggle, Hurt, and Choice

I am struggling and I am hurting. I am struggling to be what I ought to be and hurting when I think it will never be enough. I am struggling to build relationships and community and hurting when those efforts leave me feeling unloved and unwanted. I am struggling to raise my daughter in a way that keeps that light inside her shining strong and hurting when I see shame or self-criticism flash across her face after harsh words pass through my lips.

Part of living a good life is owning our choices and today I take this hurt and choose my struggle. When I think I will never be good enough, I choose to be kind to myself regardless. When I feel unloved and unwanted, I choose to accept the unconditional love and acceptance of God above. When I see my daughter hurting, I choose to put aside my own discomfort and stand by her always.

This hurt and this struggle will not be for nothing, I choose to view them as growing pains.



Yesterday I told my daughter that I had never written a poem about you and it is easy to see why – what justice could a poem do for the countless hours you have showed up and loved me.

My words fall short of the days you have stood by me, the days you guided me before I could walk on my own, and the days my legs failed me despite the lessons you taught me so diligently.

Despite my poor prognosis, I will still try because that is yet another thing you have taught me – that I can do what I put my mind, heart, and soul to because it is just a matter of effort and overcoming obstacles.

One generation

At a time growing stronger

Your wish brought to life

Haiku’s are hard and this is me, Amanda Marie, writing a corny post with love for my father.



Recently someone came to my home for the first time and she asked, “Are you comfortable here?”

I answered, “Yes,” because I am lucky enough to have superficial comfort in a home that I am grateful to have and share with little Goose.

Am I really comfortable though? No, I am not. I am far from it.

I am not comfortable because there is no comfort to be had while children are being ripped from their families’ arms in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I am not comfortable because many of my fellow citizens claim to be Christian, yet are aligned with a political party which has never walked so far from the path of Jesus than they do today.

I am not comfortable because our beautiful planet is about as comfortable as a menopausal woman having a hot flash in an Alabama swamp and those in power would deny her relief.

I am not comfortable when it is considered radical for a government to provide for its citizens’ basic healthcare needs when it was designed to be for the people and by the people.

I am not comfortable because so many refuse to treat our neighbors to the South with any amount of neighborly respect, kindness, or love when the Good Book is pretty clear about this.

I am not comfortable because those in power treat corporations with more humanity than they do real humans because somehow corporations meet the requisites for personhood. I never saw a corporation bleed or breathe, but the message I hear is that they don’t need to as long as dollar is king.

I am not comfortable because the Earth we are gifting our children does not have the same stability that we ourselves were given.

I am not comfortable because the leader of the free world is a bigot, racist, and pathological liar and my fellow citizens care less about that than what I do inside my own uterus.

I am not comfortable because we forget that the only race that exists is the human one and the only skin color that matters is flesh.

So, the next time you ask me if I am comfortable here, do not expect a socially acceptable white lie. The first step to true comfort and a fulfilled life on Earth is knowledge of the problem and I will no longer hide my discomfort for you to be able to keep yours at bay.