Pain and Joy

Being in the throes of injury is an interesting space for introspection.  Through the fog of pain medication and the difficulty in accepting assistance, a brain wanders.  This uncharted territory may show some hiding in fear and others venturing with curiosity.  A single person may likely oscillate between the two.  It seems like there are places in our bodies that exist that we are unaware of until they become damaged.  It is something familiar made foreign, an estranged lover.  In exploring this part of ourselves, there is a fine line to be walked between keeping the mind positive and accepting the cold truth.  There is also a secret option.  By being fully aware and present with the truth of a situation, one may find strength in awareness.  By tolerating the pain and inability to fully know the extent of damage, one may inhabit the barren land of discomfort.  A person can delight in the joy of the present moment while simultaneously being encumbered by pain of multiple varieties.  Our society, in particular, seems to have lost the skill of tolerating discomfort.  More discussion regarding tolerating discomfort shall come at a later date.  Today, I prefer to propose that although the body may be injured, the mind can stay strong.  This is not done by ignoring the pain and the feelings, but by relishing them as a normal part of life.  If we choose to live the joy and refuse to live the pain, we are losing a part of the human experience.  If it is there, it is there for a reason.  If that is not enough, the fact that there is a wall is enough reason to climb.

In pain and joy, Amanda Marie


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