Step into the Light

A close friend eloquently paraphrased an idea I was fumbling to articulate, “I won’t turn down my light for you.”  To do this, brace yourself, step into the light, take a deep breath, and take up some space.  Accept the good things life has to offer.

Imagine a small child cowering in a shaded corner, arms crossed and shoulders hunched, protecting their little neck from assaults imagined and real.  The compassion you feel and encouragement you lend them is true, now realize that child is you.

It is wonderfully simple and immensely challenging to see yourself as the child, worthy and resilient; Love yourself.

I am open to the good things life has to offer, I am enough, and the question is not a matter of what I can handle.  The question is how gracefully I will handle the opportunities that life presents to me.

This is me, Amanda Marie, stepping further into the light, unafraid of being seen and this is an idea for a fulfilled time on Earth.


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