Philosophy for Instant Perspective

Memento Mori – remember death or remember that you, too, shall die

Our time on Earth is the only thing we know for certain that we have.  Remember that you will die and you do not have to waste a second on anything less than the good life or opportunities which move you closer to it.  You are an unique creature on this beautiful planet first, human being with to-do lists, errands, and bills second.

Often finding myself sleep-deprived and cranky after work, little Goose will do or say (demand) something that elicits a much more severe response than I would like.  On the brink of action that I may regret, I try to remember the two words, Memento Mori.  When I am lucky and the practice pays off, I have a split second for my mind to reconsider my imminent behavior and I remember that my sweet, loving little daughter will die someday, albeit hopefully long after I do.  With this healthy dose of perspective I am able to think more logically and choose my actions instead of being subject to reaction.

Taking a moment to truly stop and fully consider that it is only a matter of time before your children, parents, spouse, etc will no longer be here is challenging.  The more seriously one considers it, the easier it is to be swallowed up by it.  The goal is to just consider it long enough for it to touch your heart and move you to the place you prefer to act from.  It does not serve us to become upset about this universal fact of life, so use it to be a better version of yourself.

I do not spend a lot of time thinking about the specific, morbid details of death and understand how doing so could make this philosophy inaccessible.  It is less gore than remembering our impermanence.  Whether or not a person believes in an after-life, it would not be the same as the life we have now.  Whether our consciousness lives on for eternity or our self ends with our last breath, this life is precious.  Reflecting on the fact that our breaths, heartbeats, and moments with our loved ones are limited ensures that we know what we have before it’s gone.

We can all use a healthy dose of Memento Mori because enjoying our lives and being the people we want to be is simply a matter of perspective.

This is Amanda Marie and an idea for a fulfilled time on Earth.


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