Autism Acceptance April

Come check out Instagram for daily ideas for a fulfilled life as well as new autism acceptance dancing videos almost daily throughout April 2021. To celebrate my first April as an officially diagnosed autistic person, I started Sequitur Life’s Autism Acceptance April Dance Party (SLAAADP). The goal is to post 1-2 new videos most days this month until there are 31 videos to complete the SLAAADP 2021 series. Any musicians or djs that have original music that you are interested in seeing featured in SLAAADP, please send me a direct message to discuss.

Thirty one may seem like a random number, but there is a purposeful meaning behind it. There are 31 proverbs in the bible and as such, it is a lovely eternal daily devotional. Just as you can always check the day of the month and there is always a proverb to match, I wish there to be 31 unique episodes of the dance party to shine acceptance and love available throughout the year.

If you ever feel like there is nowhere on Earth for you, you are welcome to pull up a video and come dance with me. You are loved and welcome here. Praise the Lord this Easter for He is risen. Blessings through this and all future seasons.


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